3 Ways To Earn Quick N5000 Cash Daily As A Student

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3 Ways to Earn Quick N5000 Cash Daily As a Student

On CampusPunch community we have created different avenues for members to make money from this great platform. This is part of our topmost mission to improve the quality of lives and education of students.

Now they are several ways to earn real cash on CampusPunch community but today I'll be sharing with you three (3) secrets of making the quickest 5000 naira on CampusPunch. 

The 3 ways to earn quick N5000 cash daily as a student are as follows:

Completing Your Special Assignment

If you check your profile on a daily basis you would notice that a set of Special Assignments has been assigned to every user throughout the day. Check your profile now to see the Special Assignments if you have not seen it before.

This Special Assignment depending on your rank has different rewards.
Those having Grand Master and Hero rank are mostly rewarded with cash while members on lower ranks are given coins rewards.

So all you have to do is visit CampusPunch everyday, there would be several Special Assignments assigned to you, complete them and make real cash.

So there you have it: the fastest way to earn cash on CampusPunch community on a daily basis.

Referring Your Friends
The second fastest way to earn cash on CampusPunch is by referring your friends to register on CampusPunch.
On your profile page you should notice a label written “Your referral link”. That is your personal referral link.

Copy the link in front of it and share to your friends to register through you.
Once they register they become one of your referral. Now, they are three levels of bidding on CampusPunch. If your referral applies for level 2 or level 3 bidding then you are automatically credited with 20% and 25% respectively according to their level entry fee.

To see how the Campus Bidding works, how to apply for level 2 and 3, CLICK HERE

Selling Coins

Now comes the third way to make a quick N5000 on CampusPunch. Members of CampusPunch community are also privileged to sell the free coins they gather. Is that not super amazing?
To sell your coins go to the BUY/SELL COINS bottom menu bar or CLICK on this link to sell coins.

I'm sure you would be wondering, "So how do i earn free coins?". Alright, just CLICK ON THIS LINK TO LEARN HOW TO EARN FREE COINS

So here you are: the best entertaining student community and where you make extra N5000 Cash Daily As a Student. All we can say is Have Fun & Be Smart!

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