5 Most Common Fashion Faux-Pass Campus Ladies Must Avoid

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"Fashion fades,only style remains the same" according to Coco Chanel.
Everyone likes to get dressed and showcase their outfits.But sometimes in order to flaunt our attires we tend to overdo.So here are some fashion tips to help you avoid blunders caused by juxtaposing too many trends at one time.
(1)Use animal print with care.
The matchy-matchy thing surely doesn't work here if you are wearing an animal print dress, don't go on matching your footwear,clutch or other things with that dress just bcoz animal print is one of the hottest trends doesn't mean that you will completely wrap it over.
(2)Visible bra straps.
want to wear the sexy backless LBD but don't know how to fix the bra straps?sew the front part of your bra into backless dress you can also use a paperclip to hold your bra straps to make it racer back. You can also stitch in the hoop under your tank tops to keep the straps in place.
(3)Avoid over-accessorizing
Wearing big danglers with layers of neck pieces and multiple bracelets will only make you resemble the famous captain Jack Sparrow of the pirates of the Caribbean.So learn to keep it simple! avoid wearing big Ear-pieces if you are wearing a statement neck piece.
(4)The necktie
Never pair a tie with a short-sleeve shirt or a polo shirt.This is one of the biggest gaffes.
(5)Indoor sunnies
Dis is the most common mistakes that most people commit. Sunglasses' are called that for a reason! They are meant to be worn when one is out in the sun to protect their eyes. If you will flaunt your sunnies indoors,you will end up bumping into something or the other.

Always be comfortable in whatever you wear don't just mindlessly imitate any trend. Gianni Versace once said "Don't be into trends,don't make fashion wear own you.But you decide what you are,what you want to express by the way you dress and by the way you live!

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