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We are certain you would be interested in a viral marketing system that is first of its kind on the internet.

This system provides something more than just banner adverts, something cost efficient but still offers both a banner and a daily content marketing option.

We believe you would be interested in a system designed by our team at CampusPunch to easily make your promotions go viral, gain traction and ton of re-shares.

Please see the image above or below for our promotion plans and our price structure for placements.

What Makes Our Advert System Unique
We offer more than just banner adverts. We provide a robust viral marketing system for your business.

As part of our first of its kind of viral marketing system, we offer a special kind of content marketing to our customers.

First, the sponsored content is carefully created (by the customer or by our team daily). Next, it is placed on our website and, then, our robust system automatically generates a promotional link for this content.

This promotional link is assigned to each member on our platform for viral distribution outside of our website in order to generate massive traffic directly to this sponsored content.

This means, the promotional link of this sponsored content is virally shared and re-shared by our users across the internet- across different social media platforms.

This greatly increases popularity for the businesses advertising on our platform, which makes it certainly an advert system every business would surely desire to use to drastically increase foot traffic and awareness of their brand, products and services.

Our advertisement platform is one that any sort of business can leverage on to maximize return on investment (ROI) - whether it’s a business that has students and pupils as its primary focus or a business-to-business.

We can confidently say that there is no such advertising platform online that can be compared to our system at the moment. Our platform is a revolution to online advertisement solution for any business. It is cost effective, it offers both banner and daily sponsored content and our system is designed to easily make your promotion go viral. Even after a promotion or campaign has ended, the promotional link distributed
outside of our website can continue to gain traction and get re-shared a ton of times. Our system certainly has no competition!

Due to our unique method of advertising we over-deliver on our minimum impressions. This is easy to explain since our statistical report does not include the number of impressions or views on the sponsored content link shared outside of our website.

In other words, your advert campaign gains more impressions (or views) than our system keeps record of. We, however, send reports of the number of clicks gained from the promoted sponsored content, which is your primary target (number of clicks to your business).

Our system also rewards users who get the highest clicks from virally promoting a sponsored content link.This incentive serves as a motive for each individual who has the task to virally promote your sponsored link across the internet - on different social platforms - to always exceed their target.

For further inquires or to place your advert Contact Us on the following: Call – 0908 341 2984 Whatsapp – 0810 036 9606 Email:

Some Terms Explained In the Advert Price & Plans

Sponsored Content
: this is a highly recommended feature available that comes with every advert plan where a customer chooses to create content(s) to add to his banner advert.
A promotional link for this content is automatically generated by our robust system and, then, virally distributed by our users in a unique ‘Word-Of-Mouth’ advert method created by our team.
This advert method requires members of our site competing for an incentive, to virally promote the link of sponsored content across the internet to earn prizes. Only users, who gain the highest clicks from their viral promotion, earn these prizes.

Word-of-Mouth (Viral Sharing):
this is a unique system of advertising peculiar to only our platform, where members of our website are given the task to virally share the automatically generated link of the sponsored content across the web.
The sponsored content is virally promoted across any website or social media by our users in exchange for rewards. The time period for the users to virally promote this content is determined by the advert bundle (EASY or advanced) and also determined by the hours of the advert plan paid for by each customer.

What about Sponsorships and Partnerships?
Businesses interested in sponsorship or partnership should Contact Us on the following: Call – 0908 341 2984 Whatsapp – 0810 036 9606 Email: Office - No. 5 Adeboye Solanke Street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja – Lagos.

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