Alleged Budget Padding In Unizk Political Science 400 Level Class Of 2017

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As our final year drew closer to an end I was both excited and worn out with the pressures of urgent matters that was always needed to be handled. It was as if I was in 100 level again, damn stressful, but this time with a smile.

This reminds me of one afternoon when we met to discuss the our end of final year party plans for our 400 Level Political Science Department. These activities which has become a custom for all final year classes in Unizik.
It was an ear scattering situation when the committee set up for the organisation of the final year forum of the class came to present their budget estimate to the class.

The committee which was set up at the beginning of the semester had on their plans producing a customized Sweat shirt, year book and hosting a dinner party all totally 10,000 Naira for each individual.

These presented budget was sharply resisted by the class bordering on the fact that the 10,000 individual payment was too much. My dear, I was shocked with the level budget padding (Lol...our senators comes to my mind) 

This issue received contrasting positions, some said it wasn't too much considering what we want to do and the quality we want to get while others sharply resisted saying that we can get stuffs of lower quality or better still scrap something out.

The committee then came up with the 7000 naira plan for those who wanted the quality reduced, others still disagreed that if they can't get something worthwhile, then they won't pay at all.

Different suggestions were being thrown up, some saying the committee should go back, work on the budget and bring us a breakdown of each item properly market surveyed, others too said if its possible to scrap out the final year forum totally, it would be better since the class seems to oppose every idea they have been presented with.

This issue of variance in opinion seemed to set to work of the committee as they were required to go back and start the plans afresh in order to reduces cost.

My dear na so so wahala I see for that final year semester!

Stay hooked, I'll bring more from where this came from ;)

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