Campus Bidding: Step By Step Process On How To Bid And Win

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Win a Laptop for only 30 Naira. Are you surprised? 

Yes, on Campus Bidding you can bid and win phones, phone tablets and laptops for N30 or less. That's super cool, right?!

I'm going to teach step by step process on how to bid and win a phone, phone tablet and laptop for 30 Naira or less.

Follow this six (6) simple steps to bid and win a awesome gadgets: 

Fund Your Wallet
2.Apply For a Level
3.Start Bidding
4.Bid 500 Coins
5.Wait for Result
6.Receive your Gift

Fund Your Wallet
To gain entry to bidding you need to fund your wallet using MTN recharge card. You can fund your wallet with N100, N200, N1000 or any amount of recharge card you want.On the top of the bidding page you will see a menu labeled Fund Your Wallet click on it or CLICK HERE TO GO THERE.
Once you get there, fill the fields in the following way:

: enter the amount of recharge card you want to fund your wallet with.

Phone Number:
 there enter your  phone number

Recharge Card Pin
: enter the MTN recharge card pin digits.

Then click on Pay Now to complete the process.

Once your payment is verified, in less than an hour check your wallet and you will see the amount of the recharge card that you paid for.
To check how much you have in your wallet at any time look at the top of the bidding page.

pply For A Level
Once you have fund your wallet, then choose which of the level you want to apply for.

To win phones choose Level One (1)
To win phone tablets choose Level Two (2)
To win laptops choose Level Three (3)

After you have decided which of the levels you want to bid for apply for that level.

To apply for the level you choose look at the top of the bidding page. Then you can click on one of the following:

Apply For Level 1 if you want to bid for level 1
Apply For Level 2 if you want to bid for level 2
Apply For Level 3 if you want to bid for level 3

Start Bidding
Once you have applied for a level you can start bidding.
To start bidding you will see the big bold button labeled BID NOW. Click on it to start bidding.

Bid 500 Coins
Each time you bid or click on the BID NOW button 20 coins is deducted from your coins account.

How is the coins acquired? You can acquire coins by doing three things: commenting on the news posts in the site, posting articles and by viewing news post.
Some members can make up to 1000 coins in 30 minutes by commenting, posting and viewing posts.

With these coins bid only 500 coins to win.

Wait For Result
Once the Bid Expiration Time ends the bid stops.
The system automatically picks a winner from the bidders who bid at least 500 coins.And a message is sent to the mail and phone number of the selected winner.
Note that, bidding more than 500 coins does not increase your
chances of winning.

Receive Your Gift
Once you receive a message contact us, send us the address you want your gift to be delivered to you.
Within 5 working days your gift would be sent over to you.
Once you get your gadget you can do whatever you want to do with the gift. It is yours now. You can use it, you can sell it or offer to anybody you want.

We wish you the very best in every bid!

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