Campus Coins: The Fastest Way To Earn Coins

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Campus Coins: The Fastest Way to Earn Coins
In a few steps you're going to learn the fastest way to earn and grow your coins on CampusPunch.

Have you seen the image above?
Have you noticed it has a similar thing as at the end of each post?
Do you know you can earn coins very fast using that link you see in every post?

That link you see in that image and which is found in every post or article on CampusPunch website is the secret to earning coins very fast.
It is also holds the secret to growing your ranking.
That link is called the Post Referral Link.

*What is a Post Referral Link?
*How does it work?
*How can you use it to earn coins fast?

Post Referral Link
A post referral link is a unique referral link created for every user for each post on CampusPunch. Every registered user have their own special post referral link. 

How Post Referral Link works
You can copy the post referral link by higlighting on the link and then copy or by clicking on the box labelled copy.
Once you have copied the link you need to start sharing it your friends on any website you can find.

You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Nairaland, or just any website.

Once you have done that. Once anyone clicks on the link you have shared and come to the website then you would start earning coins. For each click you are entitled to 30 coins.

That means that if 10 click on the link you have shared you'll be earning 300 coins. If 1000 people click on the link you'll be earning 30,000 coins. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine how much that would mean to your coins bank account.

How to Use Your Post Referral Link to Earn Campus Coins Fast
Once you copy your post referral link, start sharing it immediately to your friends on every website or social media.
Don't just copy only one post referral link. Open other post/article, read the post and then copy the post referral link and also share.
The more post you share the more clicks you are bound to have.
While sharing the post referral link also try to say something little about the post you're sharing, in such a way that people can be moved to click on your link.
You may be surprised they'll even help you to share your link for you.

That is the Number 1 secret of earning coins fast on CampusPunch. If you follow those guidelines you'll be surprised how fast your coins would grow and how fast your ranking on CampusPunch community would also grow. They are many benefits you can enjoy doing that which includes earning cash and wining free gifts. CLICK TO READ HOW TO EARN CASH BY INCREASING YOUR RANKING.

Apart from the above secret on the second way to increase your coins fast is by submitting a post.

Submitting a Post: When you submit a post you can earn between 5 to 100 coins depending on how good your post is.

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