Face Of Campus Season Iv Guidelines And Instructions

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It is yet another time of the month to kick start the next season of Campus Most Exciting Photogenic Contest, Face of Campus.

Face of Campus Season IV has been issued to kick start 19th Monday, 2016.

On behalf of the team, we wish our Muslim brothers a happy Eid-el-Kabir celebration and for the rest of Nigerians who are benefiting from the holidays, we also wish them happy holidays.

Due to the holidays and some other considerations the Face of Campus season IV that was meant to start this Monday has been shifted to commence next week Monday.

Face of Campus season IV is going to be held on the first week on our Facebook Page, the second week on FaceOfCampus and the finalist would climax the competition on the site.

All interested in the contest should follow the following simple procedure:
Register on this website.
Next log in back to the website with your new account
Then go to your profile, just below your profile picture, you would find a button labeled “Apply for face of campus (1000 coins)” and click on it.

Note: If you do not have 1000 coins your registration would not be successful.

You can acquire more coins on the site simple by: Voting a contestant (50 Coins); Commenting on an article (30 coins); Posting an article (20 coins); Reading an article (2 coins).

Some contestants gather 1000 coins in less than one hour while it takes others one day or more to complete.
Once you have gathered your coins go to your profile to apply for the Face of Campus.

All prospective contestants are expected to start submitting their SELFIE pictures for the contest. You can submit your SELFIE picture in the following ways: 

Send your SELFIE picture through message to any of our admin on our Facebook Page, or our Whatsapp line 0810 036 9606

You can also upload your SELFIE picture on your profile page and signal our admin by sending me a message indicating that, “Your profile picture should be used for face of campus”.

As an alternative send your SELFIE picture as a post article.

We urge all contestants to follow up with these guidelines and others that would be communicated to them so that they can enjoy a truly satisfying face of campus season IV contest.

If you have any questions feel free to communicate with any of our admin on our contact lines.
We are quite certain that you would enjoy the most entertaining fun on Face of Campus season IV.

Finally, to the contestants I say, brace up and put your best competing boots on, because it is not only going to be tough, it will be fun, so just go get yourself ready.

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