Free Online Advertising For Businesses On Campus Punch

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Free Online Advertising for Businesses on Campus Punch
Looking for free online advertising for your business and a first of its kind viral marketing system? Then look no further.

Campus Punch is offering free adverts to businesses.
All you need to do is to donate any old item in your stock or any product in your store or any service you offer that you can give away to students on CampusPunch platform.

In exchange these students would go around the internet spreading the news about your product/services before the win the free product you are donating to them.
And that is not all!

We would offer you free advert space on our platform for your business.

You can find out more of the packages offered in this free online advertising by
• Checking out our advert/donation rates below or click on this link
• Then Contact Us on the following: Call– 0908 341 2984 Whatsapp– 0810 036 9606 Email:

Let me still explain this offer in better detail.....

We are offering the cheapest online advertising rate that can accommodate any kind of business both small, medium size and big businesses. Our team at CampusPunch created a unique advertising system that can make your business or product go viral on the internet within hours.

How does this viral marketing system work?
Why do we say it is the cheapest?
Why can we say it is equal to free online advertising?

We know a lot of businesses find it difficult to advertise online, especially because of the high cost of advert rates.
The present economic downturn makes it harder for small businesses to have enough advertising budget to grow their business.

Larger businesses are also getting worn out with the skyrocketing advert rate and are also cutting on their advert budget.
Which business would grow without enough adverts? Hardly none.

Interestingly, we have also come to learn that most businesses often have some products in their stock, or old items or services they offer that would cost them next to nothing which they are most often willing to give away.

What better way can there be to give away that product lying in your stock, or services that you can easily give away than donating it to students who need it and exchanging it for free adverts.

What is more, our free offer to you is even more than just free adverts.
These students you are donating these products to will compete to get these products. How do they compete and how does it benefit you?

These members of our student community compete by spreading the message about your product all over the internet.
The user who spreads the message more is the entitled to win the product or services you are donating to the community.
Is that not super amazing?

I’m sure you are exclaiming already, “Wow, this is great!”
Oh yes, it is awesome!

I’m sure it is more than any cheap advertising alternative you have ever seen anywhere.
And there is so much to this, for example, members of our student community can spread the message about your product to anywhere in the world, to websites you don’t even know about, to lots of people you wouldn't imagine your business would get to.

Imagine your adverts going viral on chatting apps like Whatsapp, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other popular websites. That is just how far users in this platform can take your product.

Also your adverts are also placed on our websites where you get to have the thousands of visitors to our site clicking on your advert and coming to your website.
I know this getting really fun for you.
By now you would likely be asking, “so how do I get started?”

It simple:
• Check out our advert/donation rates below or click on this link
• Then Contact Us on the following: Call – 0908 341 2984 Whatsapp – 0810 036 9606 Email:

For individuals or businesses who don't have a product to offer as donation you are not left out in this cheapest advertising alternative. We accept cash depending on the advert rate product category you choose. You can check out our advertising rates in the image below.

We are not done yet anyway. There is a Special Offer category also going out to businesses who want to effectively maximise this advert solution we have. This Special Offer is further described below.

We have created a special offer (Advanced Bundle Plans & Pricing) where an additional set of users are specially selected to spread your advert across to other websites.
The users that get to spread the message the highest are given cash rewards.
This is exclusive of the efforts made by other users to spread your message at the same time.

What is the advantage of this Special Offer?
Unlike the other categories the Special Offer provides your business a special set of active users whose duty is to spread the message(advert) of your business only.
This special offer provides you with 12 hours or 24 hours word of mouth advertising compared to the few hours offered on the other categories.
This special offer also include the effort by other users who randomly choose what message (advert) to spread.

To place your advert Contact Us on the following: Call – 0908 341 2984 Whatsapp – 0810 036 9606 Email:

individuals or companies desirous to partner or sponsor these students with an advert budget of more than N200, 000  can contact us for a much more customized partnership and sponsorship arrangement.
Contact Us on the following: Call– 0908 341 2984 Whatsapp– 0810 036 9606 Email:

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