It Isn't Compulsory To Be A Good Student

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The university system is structured in such a way that it avails every student the opportunity, freedom and time to do all that a student wishes to do even while such a student is said to be in the university.

The system is unlike the lower institutions where a student will always be mandated to do certain things because coming to the university and leaving your parents back at home signifies how much of an adult you have become and can look after yourself though some parents also follow some of their children up as though they are still kids. Much thanks to our university system these days that give admission to all kinds of students.

For the fact that you are let alone doesn't mean you are left to take things as frivolous as you think. l have friends who didn't bother about attending lectures but show up to write exams during such periods and of which some of them were expelled from school due to various examination offenses.

It is not compulsory to do what other serious students will do in the university like attend lectures, do assignments, limit rendezvous with different ladies, spend money aimlessly and sleep away your study time but one thing is necessary, you will want to graduate and if you do not allow the school pass through you, then you might just get offloaded on the way.

Students irrespective of the background, see the system as a compulsory one in which you should participate in regularly because it is those little efforts that you make towards becoming a good student that actually earns you that certificate and with good grades.

It is not compulsory to be a good student, but it is necessary. It is a good to be one self and not the institution because its job is limited to what it can do.

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