Lasu Expels 69 Students: Why Every Student Needs To Focus

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Just as we mourn O'Brien who was taken by the cold grip of death related to the hard man Cultism, the university system is championing the campaign for a campus-free system. Another issue that is hitting hard on the system is that of Examination Malpractice and as the duty of every higher institution reads, they have to churn out students who are worthy in both character and learning else they wouldn't have done their job. When cultists dent their character, students who engage in exam malpractice become not worthy to qualify as graduates and having passed through an institution of higher learning.

Following this backdrop and to ensure quality of education and sustainability of the education system, institutions have largely frowned at cultism and examination malpractice offences a d have placed optimal punishment on offenders. The Lagos State University, LASU proved this recently by expelling sixty-nine students from the institution for their involvement in cult activities, examination malpractices and other gross misconduct.

The names of the students involved were contained in an official Bulletin published by the Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations of the Vice Chancellor's office on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016.

It will be sheer disappointment for the parents of these students and if they are conscious enough, shame on their part. I will continue to say it, there is no gain in cultism; you need to study, show yourself approved and shun exam malpractice because to study is why you are in school. But for some, it is already drawn in their blood.

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