Lasu Starts War Against Indecent Dressing, Sacks 84 Students

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The ongoing fight against indecency and moral decadence in our country has to  be fought without relent and has to be driven home to undergraduates, the lesson of being morally sound and not just academically proficient.

As a result of the foregoing, 84 undergraduates of the Lagos state University, LASU have been sanctioned for improper dressing within the campus.

A letter from the school’s Dean of Student Affairs DSA, shows that eight (8) of those that have been sanctioned are final year students, forty-three (43) are in 100level, twenty (20) in 200level and three (3) in 300level.

Twenty-four (24) of the sanctioned students are in the faculty of Management Sciences, eighteen (18) from the faculty of Sciences, faculty of Education and Social Sciences were recorded as eleven (11) students each and the faculty of communication has four (4) students.

With the above number of sanctioned students, it can be deduced that indecency is common to Management students as they are always densely populated and this gives rise to different kinds and classes of people.

It pays to be decent, well covered and morally unique.

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