Life After School

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Majorly one will think been a student is what it takes, of course not!! The hardship one face is nothing to compare with. Our mind set after secondary school is gaining admission into the university.
However, that is not so bad, as finishing with nothing to write home about, what are your thought after school I always ask myself this main question are we all going to get a white collar job no!! I will say. I wonder what the victory is all about after finishing with so much hardship at school yet with no job.
The main outlook made by student is always the mentality of roaming about looking for job, wasting our time and knowledge with nothing to show as profit but that is not the only thing missing in the long not about the job but the feeling that follows: what of the feeling inside of you that you have accomplish something and the feeling that something is missing in you when you accomplish nothing.
Sometimes, we just have loose up a little bit, all we have to do is rediscovering what is amiss the piece of good skills left untouched while been a student. I have met a student whose major interest is working on his own after school.why? He replied like this: Nigeria is suffering from economy recession my main target is been my own boss thereby providing jobs for unemployed youth out there I hate been a victims because I hate been overlooked and pitied. Reasons are looking at the world most wealthiest people in the world such as bill gates, aliko dangote, Mark Zuckerberg motivations willl capture you.When does your life begin?

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