How Your Priority Should Affect The Kind Of Friends You Make

7 hours ago   |   5 Comments

Some students get to make the wrong kind of friends(or that's what they think). People complain that they're not growing in life. For you to grow in life, you need unity and priority. Unity could be a vital part of...

Ladies Is Your Fashion Madness Grooming You Into Laziness?

7 hours ago   |   2 Comments

In a world where people remain relevant either by the things they do, wear or say, competition is inherent not minding if it is a healthy or an unhealthy one. I saw this kind of a not too healthy competition, though l...

The Intriguing Reality Behind Night Classes - A Quick Look At The Facts

7 hours ago   |   2 Comments

Just as I promised in my introductory article The Intriguing Reality Behind Night Classes - Part I we would be dri...

A College Students 5 Healthy Secrets To A Fast Breakfast

7 hours ago   |   10 Comments

A sumptuous breakfast is certainly a healthy feeding option. At the same time, not everyday can one devote the same time to prepare a healthy breakfast not when your lecture is by 8am and you carelessly wake up by 7am sa...

Life After School

7 hours ago   |   1 Comment

Majorly one will think been a student is what it takes, of course not!! The hardship one face is nothing to compare with. Our mind set after secondary school is gaining admission into the university. However, that...

5 Most Common Fashion Faux-Pass Campus Ladies Must Avoid

7 hours ago   |   22 Comments

"Fashion fades,only style remains the same" according to Coco Chanel. Everyone likes to get dressed and showcase their outfits.But sometimes in order to flaunt our attires we tend to overdo.So here are some...

Six Outrageous Lies Guys Tell Their Girlfriends

7 hours ago   |   29 Comments

Here is what I would categorize as the top six (6) most frequently repeated lies that men tell to women. 1. "Why do I have two cell phones? Well, one is for friends and one is for family, close...

The Intriguing Reality Behind Night Classes - Part I

7 hours ago   |   3 Comments

"I often find myself running to class so I could find a spot to fall asleep without making a scene ", so said Suli Breaks

On the contrary sometimes I find myself intentionally going to class late, so I could fall...

What Fashion Truly Is - By Gloria

7 hours ago   |   7 Comments

Sometimes in life girls see fashion as an everyday activity ;) .men believed that without fashion girls would be too local and archaic, but the truth is that with or without fashion a girl will always be pretty because t...

Campus Coins: The Fastest Way To Earn Coins

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Campus Coins: The Fastest Way to Earn Coins
In a few steps you're going to learn the fastest way to earn and grow your coins on CampusPunch.

Have you seen the image above?
Have you noticed it has a si...

Smoking On Campus - How Do You Feel About It?

7 hours ago   |   8 Comments

I feel a temptation to extend this to "smoking-hot girls" but, you know, they aren't exactly smoking, as it were. Sorry smoking-hot girls. Lol. Alright no more joking now. As they say, there isn't smoke without fire,...

Ladies And Gents Who Rock The Short Skirt Well

7 hours ago   |   27 Comments

ladies and guys who rock the short skirt well....I will go for number 2

5 Reasons You Must Graduate With A First Class Degree

7 hours ago   |   10 Comments

5 Reasons why a First Class Degree is far Better Are you contemplating on the importance of graduating with a first class degree? These are five reasons you must graduate with a first class degree. 1. It places you ahe...

Ladies And Their Rules - Just Me Thinking Out Loud!

7 hours ago   |   5 Comments

I'm guilty as hell tho...The feeling of bn natural or not going extreme yl fixing ur make up. Its funny how we ladies set our own rules and stil cant meet up with dem. Rules bouh not falling in love when lonely, rules ab...

It Isn't Compulsory To Be A Good Student

8 hours ago   |   7 Comments

The university system is structured in such a way that it avails every student the opportunity, freedom and time to do all that a student wishes to do even while such a student is said to be in the university. The sys...

Special Assignment – All You Need To Know

8 hours ago   |   4 Comments

Special Assignment – All You Need To Know

Are you a new member in CampusPunch Community? And wondering what Special Assignment is all about? Well I’m sure somehow by looking at the Special Assignment place...

When A Ladies Smelly Hair Causes Public Disaster

8 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Time has been so enough that l have plenty of it. Some times it leaves me bored and at other times, l feel l do not have plenty to do but to spend some of it in bed. As tiring as the break of dawn left me and the thou...

5 Ways To Increase Your Intelligence As A Student - By Logicman

8 hours ago   |   20 Comments

There are a number of normal activities that we participate in day by day that could hamper or improve our intelligence. This activities more or less effects our minds and improve or dull our sensibilities. Our remain's...

A Chat With Self-Employed Student, Moyosola Masojo

8 hours ago   |   0 Comments

SELF-EMPLOYMENT AMONG UNILORIN STUDENTS As a students you must be thinking big and give yourself some training while in school or should I say an impact on your life rather than been idle. Where you can look back...

Dear Students, What's Life's Real Worth?

9 hours ago   |   0 Comments

Is life worth living?? Social, spiritual, acedemics, lovelife. How does it make a perfect life altogether? Yeah! I've been to the party, attended dinners, was at the movie, resort visiting, retreats and othe...

How Fashion Trends Are Affecting Dressing Styles In Our Campuses

10 hours ago   |   2 Comments

How many students can rock African fashion, the way we parade English culture?

Cloth is something we put on everyday, but when it comes to choosing the proper outfit to match or to bring out new styles, a f...

3 Ways To Earn Quick N5000 Cash Daily As A Student

10 hours ago   |   6 Comments

3 Ways to Earn Quick N5000 Cash Daily As a Student

On CampusPunch community we have created different avenues for members to make money from this great platform. This is part of our topmost mission to...

Ranks On Campus Punch – Meaning And Special Privilege

11 hours ago   |   10 Comments


A new ranking system has been developed for members of CampusPunch community.

Every registered member is given a rank status depending on...

"okpa" - The Special Delicacy That Saves Students Lives

11 hours ago   |   6 Comments

There is this kind of special delicacy that has been saving lives in campuses especially here in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. This meal is not really what you are thinking to be all common to studen...

Top 10 Things You'll Likely Forget When Packing For School

11 hours ago   |   10 Comments

Well, besides your brain here's the top Ten things you're liable to leave behind at home because you were careless or it just slipped your notice ,or you got too comfortable about it. 10- Pens and pencils They aren'...

When A Lady's Love For Heels Goes Wrong

11 hours ago   |   49 Comments

Today is so bright so l decided to get to town and see what's happening there and maybe pick some few things. I had made the trip successfully back to my campus, MOUAU, and as l was about climbing the university's walkwa...

Why I Can't Go For Night Classes?

11 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Recently I've been sleeping a lot at night, and I've been feeling much better. I feel I can actually breathe, see things clearer, I'm mentally sharper and I feel less lethargic during the day. And no I haven't been on na...

How Do Student's Survive In Nigeria's Economic Meltdown?

11 hours ago   |   3 Comments

Checking out from my lodge and about taking a bus down to school, l met two young boys who l suspected came for the just concluded IQ Screening test of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike and were also...

You Cannot Look Into A Ladies Bag, Why?

11 hours ago   |   21 Comments

Ladies have this attitude of getting so well dressed and carrying along their designers handbag looking all beautiful just to match their outfit. Same was for this beautiful Nekede female student who l met in a new gener...

5 Profitable Businesses For Undergraduates!!

11 hours ago   |   1 Comment

We present you with a list of profitable businesses which students can do in other to help themselves financial while in school. START AFFILIATE MARKETING What an affiliate marketer does is to help promote products...