No Fuel, No Taxi : Unilorin A No Go Area

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Its monday morning, no harmattan, just like other normal day. When I say normal day day you know what it means.
The long queue has started again.
Starting from where I live "tipper garage" the look on the student's face can be guessed. Some of the questions on their minds are, why is the school not trekable? Why don't they allow bike inside the school campus? Why do they make filling station along school way? Why do they not have enough school bus? Why did they admit many students?
All these questions are running on our students mind as they spend like 40, 50 minutes on the road waiting for taxi that's going to PS. The drivers don't want to go to PS because of the long traffic and students are begging them to just show mercy.

Taxi are turning back at oke odo. Well we all know that's the normal routine of our drivers who don't want to waste there time going to sanrab, mark, terminus, tipper garage not to talk of old sawmill( fate junction.)

It wouldn't have been this bad if there's been fuel. The queue for fuel is the one affection the taxi's passage though most of them also are on the queue waiting for there to fill their tanks. If this is happening in the morning, what can we say of the evening when everyone will be going back home?

This issue is becoming more out of hand. So we ask what do we do?
Heard people were climbing a chariot who came to drop goods in school. Even ladies who like to do bug girls were seen struggling to get into it. This is serious.
Anway at last I am in school oh. Good for me. I'll give you more gist later in the day when going home. Have a nice day.

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