Ranks On Campus Punch – Meaning And Special Privilege

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A new ranking system has been developed for members of CampusPunch community.

Every registered member is given a rank status depending on the number of coins they have, the amount of money they are allowed to make daily and the special privileges they enjoy.

A detailed explanation of the different ranks, their meaning and the special privilege they enjoy is described below.

This is the highest level membership on CampusPunch community. The Grand Master are considered the most active members on the CampusPunch community.
This status is designated on these highest level members when they have at least 5000 coins in their coins wallet.
Special Privilege - Hero members can earn extra N2000 daily on the site from businesses who pay them for advertising their business.

Hero are top level members next in rank after Grand master. These top level members acquire this status when they have at least 2000 coins in their coins wallet.
Special Privilege – Hero members can earn extra N1000 daily on the site from businesses who pay them for advertising their business.

These are next level members lower than Hero. These members must have demonstrated more active participation in the community.
They are expected to have at least 500 coins in their coins wallet to attain this rank.
Special Privilege - Dealer members are allowed to Buy/Sell Coins in the community where they earn real cash for selling their coins.

Rookie are basically newbies on the platform.
These members acquire 20 coins immediately after registering as members. They must also have at least 20 coins to  499 coins to keep this status.
Special Privilege - With this status Rookie members can bid and win free laptops, smart phones, provisions and more on the bidding section of the site.

This status is given to members with less than 20 coins in their account. They are considered to be less active on the community at a particular time.
Special Privilege - As registered members they enjoy the basic benefits of having an account on CampusPunch such as commenting, acquiring coins, chatting with other members, and others.

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Ranks - Their Colors and Stars
Dummy - White
Rookie -Yellow
Dealer – Green
Hero – Indigo
Grand Master – Red

Dummy - One Star
Rookie – Two star
Dealer – Three star
Hero – Four star
Grand Master – five star

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