Special Assignment – All You Need To Know

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Special Assignment – All You Need To Know

Are you a new member in CampusPunch Community? And wondering what Special Assignment is all about?
Well I’m sure somehow by looking at the Special Assignment placed on your profile you might have understood a bit, but you may want to have more detailed explanation.

What is Special Assignment on CampusPunch?
Special Assignment is a task given to members of CampusPunch to copy and share an assigned post link to friends or anyone anywhere on the internet.

Each time someone clicks on the link you share you are rewarded. The users with the highest shares and clicks are given rewards at the end of the duration period for a particular Special Assignment.

All you have to do is complete a number of Special Assignements and Earn N5000 daily. Depending on your rank the rewards are in cash or in coins.

These special assignments are assigned continuously throughout the day.
There are also time limits for the each assignment. Once the time expires the users with the highest shares are given their rewards and a new Special Assignment is assigned.

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Explanation of Special Assignment Terms
Task – This is an explanation of the duty you are required to complete. You are expected to read it carefully and follow the instruction.

Post Link – This is the link to the post or task that you are required to complete. You are always expected to click the post link and to read the content of the post link before sharing or completing the task.

Stop Time – This is the time at which the special assignment given is meant to end. You are expected to be among the highest shares within the time limit to earn the given rewards.

Reward – for every Special Assignment there are rewards or prizes. The prizes are mostly in cash rewards or campus coins rewards depending on your rank. Higher rank members are mostly given cash rewards.

Highest Shares – This shows members who have the highest clicks on their shared post link. It usually records the 20 highest users to have the highest clicks on their shared post link of a particular Special Assignment.

We do hope you enjoy this new feature on CampusPunch. We promise to continue to find new ways to help you and every other student to make more money in campus and to have the most entertaining moment throughout Campus life.

Meanwhile we are grateful to members like you who are active participants and are making real efforts to invite others in growing this student community.

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