The Best Tech Stores On Campus Every Oau Student Must Know

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Okey dokey, I'm on the road again. This time I'm searching for the best Tech stores on the Obafemi Awolowo university campus, who offer services related to phones, laptops and their accessories....I'm going to check them out, look around, review them, and tell yall what I think. This is what I call Prescriptive journalism!
NB - this is a review of the stores on campus, so don't be disappointed if I'm not talking about their head offices in Lagos and Abuja... Some of these stores are just arms of bigger companies.
Let's go!

THRILLHOUSE - Of course the most popular, Thrillhouse is really the number one destination for your... Anything tech really, phones, laptops, headsets, Bluetooths, hard drives, and any other gadgets Rick Ross may ever desire, and they offer services like purchases (with extensive warranty), repairs, explanations, exchanges, expert suggestions,etc. They're so successful, that they offer some awesome bonuses, like a free pair of earbuds for every phone you buy, a brand new Flash drive and a Backpaper (not sure if that's what it's called... That sticky sheet you paste at the back of your laptop) for every Laptop, and so on. Almost every room in the halls of residence has a Thrillhouse sticker indicating the room number, and I can assure you its an invaluable contribution. Thrillhouse isn't an OAU tech cottage... Just check out their awesome Website -
Location - Thrillhouse is located in the beautiful Moremi hall car park.
Other commentary - If you ever have anything to resolve about your tech gadget life, go to THRILLHOUSE.
PS - always defend the interest of your pocket when you go there.
DGC - Here's my personal favorite. Deliberty Global Company Ltd, is really just as good as Thrillhouse, but maybe even better, and here's why; while Thrillhouse has a really nice store, nicely set up with a sense of arrogance, DGC operates two stores Back to Back! I actually didn't realise the fact, until I brought my laptop to the first store for repairs, and I was informed by the ultra-friendly manager that I should go to their second store right behind them. One store is for sales of a wide range of products and gadgets, new and UK-used, while the other is for all repairs of any kind! Both of them are beautiful and techy . One major reason why I'd go to DGC 10 times in 10 is the friendly atmosphere. You could go there and take a seat, enjoy the music from the Hi-Fi, and just glance around as you charge your phone.
Enough said.
Location - Deliberty Global Company Ltd is situated just adjacent to the MTN office at the New Market, Zone C, New Market.

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