Unilorinites What Do You Think Of Drones Supervising Your Next Exams?

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Quite recently i stumbled on a news about Unilorin appearing to consider using drones for supervisions during examinations.
This suggestions happens to come from the Unilorin Drone Team, who led by Prof. Sulyman Abdulkareem of the department chemical engineering pitched the idea to the authorities of Unilorin to consider through. the drone team includes other specialist in the research work and also included are some students who qualified to fall into the team.

I don't know what to think or how to feel about all this. What I dont understand is how is it after all the kind tight supervision wey they dey tackle us for exam hall, this school is even thinking of adding machine to dey watch us. Abi they dey mad ni?
I dont get, students wey dey come out of this school dey dey get special job wey they wait for them abi no bi the same job market everybody dey enter.

Wait lets think about this, something just crossed my head. So incase we should get this drones watching over our head during exams, next thing we are likely to hear from this drone team is coming up on us to tell us that they want this drones supervising the campus environment, and next thing our hostel, and then maybe our bathrooms and toilets. Lol! drone ko, drone ni.

Out of all the wahala that we have in this school it is drones that this people could be thinking about. Sophisticated machines that we dont know how to use. Ordinary ground running vehicles we have not fully understood them it is flying machines that we want to create and control.

Well, it is not wrong that as one of the leading university across Nigeria for our university adminstration to consider putting us in the lead  technologically and educationally. I'll be proud of that too, but are we not blowing it out of proportion? Just asking.

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