Valentine Season - How To Know A Correct Guy On Campus

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Urhhhhhhh. You know that sound like a subjunctive mood. Like wishing to be in a state or a position. Chillex I'll make you understand now.

A day before valentine.
Uhmmm at exactly 4 o'clock pm on the 13th of February 2016.
I was actually going to make a new hair do very close to my house. Opposite FF pictures. Every unilorin students know that place nah.

So as I sat down making my hair. Sure you don't wanna know the kinda hair I was making but I'll tell you because I am not the secretive type. It was "shuku" don't ask me why. I just wanted to go natural since love is a natural and unique thing. So I decided to just go on a low key though I was going to wear a wig on it. (Chuckles)

I was groaning as this woman was making my "shuku" which was kind of painful. Like really painful. And behold I saw a group of ladies come out of this ff pictures oh. Hot chicks oh. With their boyfriends. I even saw a man and a woman as they walked in with thier small box guessd they wanna make a fortune out of it buy taking lot of pictures with different clothes and i must say have never seen people celebrate val like that.

Uhmmm I could smell valentine all around me while em in the middle of of the tine.
Well I've never stayed in school for val so I never knew it could be so interesting. Like ain't going out buh at least seeing people making preparation about it. I think it warms the atmosphere.

Now the issue is val is on Sunday (gangan!). Who does that? Like okay wait I don't even know the meaning of this valentine of a thing buh with the way some shameless and stingy guy send text like MY ACTIVITIES FOR SUNDAY 14 FEBRUARY, 2016. I new its gonna be something that makes them put their hand inside their pockets and bring out cash.
Naso one "yeye" guy send this to a group chat
6 - 7am: Open heaven service
7 - 8am: Workers' meeting
8 - 9am: Sunday School
9 - 11am: First service
11 - 1pm: Second service
1 - 3pm: Returns
3 - 5pm: Zonal youth meeting
5 - 7pm: House Fellowship
7 - 9pm: Area EXCOs meeting
9pm - dawn: Provincial Vigil.I am using this medium to let you girls know
how busy I will be on Valentine's day. Don't
even try to call me to take you out.. I suggest we should postpone all promised activities like visits to Shoprite, fingerlicking, Captain cook, Lekki beach , Night-of-a-thousand-laff, Sambisa forest, etc to next year Valentine.
I still love you .

For your mind you don see mumu. You fit do that stuff buh you no fit celebrate am. Ifah hear that again.

Note to all the correct single guys out there reading this and he's in need of a single girl I think am around. No prayer meeting here... Buh you must be good looking oh and most importantly what I want for val gift is a trip to PARIS. # holalaaaaaa#

Night night.

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