Wanted Mouau Student Criminals Leaves Print On Crime Scene

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Before a crime, a criminal or criminals as the case may be, would always gets abreast with the environment he places as his target. This is the case of some student criminals who after they had studied their target area, broke into students' lodge to rob them off their belongings.

It happened in Crown Court Phase 2 lodge in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike where two suspected criminals climbed into the balcony of some students who weren't in their room as at then, filed the balcony door, opened it and gained access into their room. The criminals carted away one laptop in Room 21 and tried to pick anything they could get from other rooms they successfully broke into.

Unfortunately for the criminals who are students believed to be resident in Crown Court Phase 1, they weren't able to clear their track before and after the incident, unknowingly gave investigators a link that they must have perpetrated the crime.

The questions they asked before the items were discovered to be missing were revealed and that made investigations easy and when men from the university's security office went to look for them, they had already left school and into hiding.

They might have stolen the laptop with the purpose of selling it to students of the Engineering department who are on their Industrial Training Programme.

Since there is a link to the criminals, security agents have been on the look out for them and will trail them even after resumption.

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