What The Future Holds For Unilorin This Semester

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Quick like a flashlight and the holiday is over.....Like it is never was going to end but the long talk about Easter holiday has come and gone. I can perceive the hesitancy with the strong, gloomy look on the face of our Unilorin students as I walk across the school environs. Well lazy and sad everyone is already stretching legs and arm again because the academic race has started again.

No, no wait! Unilorin so after all that we wrote in the exams and with so much expectations with GNS 301 and GSE 303 exams this is how you decided to throw this shit on our faces. Well thanks to God some still scale through with good score as I could see smiles on some of my colleagues faces. Only God knows why the even  held the results away for so long and bringing it out so late. It appears just about everything about Unilorin is becoming late this days. The last vacation we had which ought to be 3 months we ended up using 5 months and 2 weeks at
home That's was bad! I ask what has become of Unilorin?

The better by far is facing some challenges right now as we all know one of which still remain the high price of fuel and the insecurity of it. Or lemme say non
adequacy of the fuel which is seriously making the students go through much stress.

Things are very serious now ohh.. The country itself is on red alert.
This is truly the survival of the fittest. Well no matter how it turns i indulge my fellow Unilorites that I have pride in to get up and make something out of today.

" Have a nice day ahead" Campus Punch cares.

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